How to get More Downloads for Your App during Festive Season
Posted on Nov 27,2017

The festive season brings a great sales opportunity for the retail, eCommerce, and other B2C model-based companies. But do you know that you can also increase the number of downloads of your app during festivals? Well, if the right mobile app promotion strategy is implemented in advance, you can get the most from the festive season.

A Think with Google survey has revealed that the holiday season drives more app downloads than any other time, and it seems true because, during the festival time, most of the people tend to buy new smartphones and explore maximum apps from the app stores. Businesses, therefore, consider the holiday season as a prime time to develop and launch customized mobile apps. It is advisable to approach the reputed mobile app development company before the festive season to launch the app in the market during the peak time and get benefits of the increased traffic.

Here are a few tips to increase the number of mobile app download:

  1. Advanced planning- Now, this is the first and foremost thing: If the festive season falls in the month of December, your app marketing strategy should be implemented in November. In today’s age of globalization, you also need to focus on emerging countries like India and China along with the US to address a huge smartphone-using audience. You may get a bigger number of app downloads by targeting festivals like Chinese New Year and Diwali.

  2. Review and revise strategy- ASO (App Store Optimization) is an ongoing process and requires regular monitoring. If you review the app marketing strategy periodically, you can get the data regarding user’s behavior and the app market trends. Such data helps you revise the strategy for achieving optimum result.

  3. Improve discoverability- During and after the holiday season, the app store traffic remains high because people keep on experimenting with their newly purchased or gifted mobile devices even after the holidays. In this scenario, you need to make sure that your app is visible on the app store under the relevant genre. You can come up with special festival discount on some of the in-app purchase and a festival-related description for your app to get a high rank.

  4. Go for advertisements- These days, most apps have an advertisement or two on an ongoing basis to get new users or targeting the prospective ones. During the holiday season, you can create variations of advertisements as per the festival’s importance and keywords. You can also start the paid ad campaign on the App Stores during and after the holiday season.

  5. Work on enhancing user engagement- Even if you have placed every app marketing technique rightly, then also if your app fails to engage the users, chances are fairly high that they will delete your app in a month or two. You need to make sure that you are not losing the acquired users while trying to get the new users enthusiastically. During the holiday season, you can address your existing users through social media channels and enhance their engagement.

  6. Localize your campaign- The digital world facilitates us to target the specific audience anywhere, anytime. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that you localize your app marketing campaign for having the desired outcome. For example, people in most of the Asian countries are less interested in the Christmas, and most of the European and American countries are less interested in the Chinese New Year or Diwali. If you target the right audience at the right time, it will certainly help you get good result.

    Apart from these tips, you can utilize the app monetization strategy and push notifications to target the new users during the festival season.

    The holiday season is the best time to acquire new users and boost the loyalty of the existing ones. With enhanced user acquisition and engagement, your app can do the best among thousands of other apps across the app stores.

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