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Are you looking for a professional Chrome extension development Agency in India? Webbleu’s Technologies is here to provide you with a variety of features with the utmost expertise. Chrome extension services are focused on improving productivity and workflow, and equipping the customised services will enable your business to grow with more efficiency.

What is Chrome Extension Development?

Chrome extension development is mainly the method of developing Chrome extensions that increase the functionality of the web browser. These extensions are small software programs that are developed according to the requirements of the customers to provide a better browsing experience. Several things can be done using Chrome extensions, for instance, adding new features, interacting with web services, boosting efficiency, modifying websites, and so on.

High-Quality Extension Services India Offers

As the leading software development company in India, Webbleu Technologies offers a wide range of services that include maintaining, developing, and optimising Chrome extensions. These extension services enable an efficient workflow by providing customised services according to your business requirements. Some of the services provided are:

● Designing and Creating Chrome Extensions

We have a team experienced in understanding the customer’s project goals and objectives to customise and provide Chrome extensions accordingly. To enhance your business growth and client base, we offer efficient UI/UX design.

● Technical Support

Our technical team works around the clock to ensure assistance and troubleshooting for any problems you face related to technology. Solving problems and decreasing downtime is one of the many services handled by our support team.

● Maintenance and Frequent Updates

Regular updates are provided to guarantee that the extensions work perfectly, and it’s compatible with the latest versions of Chrome. We also work on constantly discovering any issues or bugs that may occur to provide a quick solution. Your feedback is also taken into consideration to add additional improvements or features.

● Optimising Performance

Increasing the speed of the extension along with its responsiveness to improve user experience. The team at Webbleu ensures that businesses get satisfying results by fulfilling all their requirements and needs and offering a constant high-quality performance of the extensions developed.

● Quality Check

To ensure the quality of the extensions is top-notch, we conduct several tests to make sure that it works properly. So that it’s free of any errors or bugs and goes by the guidelines and policies of Chrome Web Store.

● Better Security Measures

Executing several security measures to keep the user information safe and secure communication as well. It avoids any vulnerabilities or leakage of any sensitive information or data.


At Webbleu Technologies, we offer high-quality extension services to our customers at an affordable budget. Our team of talented employees develops flexible and customised extensions to fulfil our customer’s business goals and requirements. Thus, these services will allow you to experience smoother and more efficient workflow by adding shortcuts and useful extensions depending on your business and removing any complications involved.


1. What is Webbleu Technologies Private Limited?

Webbleu Technologies is a leading custom software development company in India.

2. How to get in contact with Webbleu Technologies?

You can visit the web page of Webbleu Technologies online, and fill up the form on the website to contact us. You can also use the provided number and email id to reach out to us.

3. How are Chrome Extensions usefu l for your business?

Chrome Extensions enhance productivity and make it easier to manage time.

4. What are the services provided by Webbleu Technologies?

Some of the services provided are customised Chrome extension development, maintenance, updates, and UI/UX design among many others.

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