Power Bi Services

Power Bi Services

​​Get A Fresh Perspective On Your Data!

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based set of business intelligence tools that will help in data analysis and visualization through the use of engaging charts and graphs as well as dynamic reports. The dashboard consolidates all of your most important applications and databases into a single location, making it simple to generate, update, organize, and distribute comprehensive reports from any device. Gain a competitive advantage by gaining access to real-time insights that can be put into action.

Transform your hidden business data with rich visuals and interactive dashboards.

We were able to create analytics applications of the highest calibre thanks to our Power BI Services. A centralized platform makes it possible to view all relevant data in a format that is simple to digest and that features dashboards that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Up to this point in time, our practitioners have led more than 20 on-demand workshops. A company that specializes in Power BI services can assist you in rapidly visualizing and deriving actionable insights from your data, allowing you to address your data analytics needs and challenges as quickly as possible.

Why should Webbleu be your preferred partner for Power Bi services?

We will design and develop custom reports and dashboards for you that are tailored to your particular requirements. Our solutions are centred on a series of workshops in which we work closely with members of your team to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and information necessary to manage PowerBI solutions for your company. Our developers will create API connections to your data sources, which will allow you to pull data from any sources that are relevant to your business and produce a more comprehensive picture of it. To ensure that users are adopting Power BI services, we offer a series of hands-on workshops at which we provide high-level guidance and technical support, as well as best practices for using those services.

  • A novel and innovative method for data analysis that makes it simple to extract data from several different sources and combine it all.
  • Improved understanding of the metrics used in business. Rather than spending most of your time gathering data, prioritize gaining new insights and developing a strategy.
  • The development and distribution of a PowerBI dashboard and report to facilitate the sharing of data and insights.

  • A protected method for reporting on the source of your data (s).
  • Business analyst and report writer with the training and experience necessary for your organization, capable of producing future reports.

Our Approach to Providing Power BI Services:

Service Delivery Driven by ROI:

Our services assist you in getting the most out of a new or improved Power BI solution. From basic reporting to advanced analytics, machine learning, and big data analysis, we can help you with all of your analytics needs and budget constraints.

An Incremental Approach to Obtaining Value Early:

Prioritizing timely service delivery allows you to make well-informed decisions based on accurate information. Within days, if not hours, we deliver the first iteration of a revised or improved Power BI solution. We run Power BI implementation projects iteratively, so you get a working solution with the necessary functionality in a matter of months. Then, on the fly, we make adjustments to meet your evolving data analytics requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Power BI Services?

Boost Data Preparation:

Power BI services facilitate the adoption of a data culture by bringing together data from a variety of sources in a unified format. Power Query allows you to ingest, integrate, and transform data from on-premise as well as cloud-based data sources such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, among others.

Creating A Data Culture Through Self-Service Features:

Business executives require immediate access to useful data. Users of Power BI have access to both pre-made reports and the ability to create their reports quickly and easily using pre-built templates. The built-in ‘Natural Language Q&A’ feature allows business users to easily search for filters and attributes.

Setting Achievable Goals and Tracking Progress:

Setting goals for your team is nothing new, but inefficiencies may halt your company’s growth. You can set and share your team’s goals with Power BI. With constant reminders and defined milestones, it becomes easier to track progress and achieve goals more quickly.

Decision Making at a Rapid Pace With Native App Support:

Growing businesses necessitate quicker execution and decision support. With Power BI’s native app support, you can publish and share reports on the go, allowing business units to access them whenever and wherever they want. Collaboration becomes more secure and seamless with the ability to create groups.

Make the most out of your Power BI services!

Webbleu understands the importance of creating a solid roadmap before beginning any new implementation. Our experts have served a variety of sized clients, allowing them to recommend the best strategy for your organization. We provide a realistic estimate and execution plan following your enterprise’s requirements. We cover all possible ranges of architecture under our Power BI Services umbrella, such as Power BI direct mode, Power BI Import mode, on top of data warehouse (on-premise and cloud), and integration with advanced analytics. Before delivering the solution to analysts and technical users, our certified Power BI experts provide end-user training. On-demand Power BI Training to learn in-depth Power BI features. Looking for Power Bi services. Let’s talk about it!

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